The idea for this project stemmed from my drum corps experience this past summer because we performed a show about a desert scene. I originally planned on portraying the desert as a post-apocalyptic baron wasteland, but as I was researching images I realized that the desert can also be very beautiful and awe-inspiring. With this new inspiration, I decided to take half of a photo of the Arizona desert and attempt to recreate its beauty in another medium: candy.  I replaced a mountain with a banana split, the mountain ranges on the horizon with lollipops, the ground with a layer cinnamon sugar, added a cookie as another mountain, changed the road to a licorice river filled with Swedish fish, the foreground became a gumdrop forest, and added two suckers standing up to mimic a lone tree. I decided that the sky of the original photo was not enough to grasp the beauty of the moment, so I changed out the sky in the original half for a sunset photo and changed the sky of the candy half to be a cotton candy cloud. In order to make the two skies blend, I added a light white cloud between the two and color changed it to blend from pink to yellow. I topped off the photo at the end with a shade filter and removed portions of it to give the image a dynamic sense of space. Overall, I think I achieved my goal to recreate the beauty of the desert and I think I may have even enhanced it in the process.

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