Artist Statement
I am titling this piece: “Forgotten but not Gone”. It is a video that combines stop animation and filming to tell the story of an abandoned toy bear. The entire piece is set to Nuvole Bianche, a classical piano piece by Ludovico Einaudi.
The story starts out with the toy bear escaping from a box of old toys and returning to his owner’s room, only to find that he doesn’t live there anymore and has grown up. Upon discovering that his owner is at home for the weekend, he jumps in his owner’s hamper and rides with him back to college. The owner unknowingly places the toy with the hamper in his closet and leaves the room. The toy takes the opportunity to explore his owner’s new room, complete with flashbacks and more realizations of his owner’s new maturity. The toy bear then makes it onto the bed only to discover that the owner has already replaced him with three other toy bears. The toy snaps and murders all three in a fit of rage. Later that night after a shower, the owner walks back in, turns off the lights, closes the curtains, etc., and lays down in his bed, on the final note, he notices the old toy lying beside him and doesn’t say a word, just stares in disbelief and horror. The camera pans away and down, bringing them out of focus and bringing the remains of the old toys laying in the trashcan into focus. End.

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